Dealing with someone that has  been in a unique, specialized  business for more than 37 years  is truly a great advantage.  The knowledge and experience  is simply invaluable.


  Knowledge, Honesty, Loyalty,  and Integrity for our clients  is  how we became known as  professionals in the Apartment  Industry and  how we stayed in  business for over 37 years.

Teren Realty Corp. is an Investment Real Estate Brokerage Firm with over 37 Years of Specializing in the Sale, Acquisition and Management of Rental Apartment Buildings in Ontario. Since 1979 Teren Realty has been one of our industries most aggressive Apartment Building 

for prospective Buyers and Sellers, knowing that they are dealing with seasoned, honest and reliable professionals.

Brokerages, providing the highest level of service to their clients, throughout Ontario. We beleive that being a Specialized Broker provides our clients with a measure of added value which they would not otherwise receive. We not only provide expert knowledge and over 37 years of experience, but we also create a sense of comfort and assurance


  A seasoned Broker instills  Confidence and  Assures  transactions go smoothly, and  without unexpected and costly  surprises at the last minute that could derail the transaction.